First leg of the trip to visit the grandparents…

I’m already having such a great time, I don’t want to sleep, I want to blog it.

I went to DUP Thursday morning and had a wonderful lunch and a lesson on pioneer art with my “old lady” friends. 😉 Then I hurried home to pack up the kids and start driving over to visit my parents on their mission. The kids were so excited and couldn’t wait for spring break to start. They’ve been telling me every day this week that they want to go NOW!

I was getting tired of eating all the junky food I had, and since I was the only driver and I couldn’t join everyone else in their naps (hallelujah!), I stopped at the rest area and had to get a Mt. Dew from the vending machine. Yuck! But at least it’s not a Pepsi or a Coke. I was going to stop a little later to let the kids play at a McDonald’s but when I realized I only had an hour left I rolled on through. There was some screaming, but they were all smiles after being buckled in for five hours. I have pretty good travelers. I guess because they’ve always had to do it.

Grandpa wrestled the boys for a while, turning Adam “upside down and two times sideways.”

We called my baby brother and saw his babies on FaceTime. We had milk and cookies and ice cream for dinner, and finally fell asleep on the air mattress in the living room around 10:00. Alice slept in a travel size pack ‘n play in the closet. There’s not a ton of room in a one-bedroom apartment.

Today was lots of fun! I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Breakfast is a big deal with grandpa. We visited the Hermanas who live in the same apartment complex and found out that one of them was in the MTC with Mariah. She had her picture on her camera! In fact, her companion in the MTC (Hermana Graham) had been Mariah’s roommate at BYU! Crazy!

I took my dad to LA Fitness and he wandered around in his shirt and tie while I ran on the treadmill. Grandma found some coloring and sticker books to entertain the kids back at the apartment. We had lunch and then the Hermanas called and told us that Hermana Graham was here on exchanges just for today! Wild! We had to go see her! But first, Grandpa had promised to take the boys to see “Nut Job” at the matinee. He said Adam ran back and forth in the aisle and there were some moments that were pretty intense for Kevin, but it was a successful outing! I was not as successful trying to get a picture of them.

Of course, the girls all went shopping at Carter’s. Alice found a few things she needed. I was so proud of grandma, she didn’t buy anything!

We got to see Hermana Graham after that. Her trainer was so nice to wait for us to come see them at the apartment. She lived in the apartment with Mariah at BYU and was so sweet!

Well, then it was time for dinner at Chicago Pasta House and we got a stuffed pizza that was HUGE! I thought the crust would be stuffed but it was the whole thing. I had one slice.

We came home and tried to get everyone to bed quickly but it took until 10:00 for Adam to fall asleep. He and Kevin were reading books and having fun.

A few minutes later I captured this shot that really captures their personalities. Kevin very obediently laid down and went to sleep. Adam harassed him for the next half hour until I laid down next to him.

Good night boys, it’s been a great day!

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