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So, back in Sept I was working for EA. Life was good. Then I decided to take a new position. This new position allowed me to move out of Los Angeles and move up the food chain. I spent the next 6 months working at ethology.

Working at ethology was interesting. They are a start-up in the digital marketing industry. I was hired to head the project management department however I needed to take on far more than I expected. It was a major struggle to get projects done that were late before I was hired on. It was a tug of war between what was promised to the client and what our team was actually able to deliver. At the same time we had a stew of client requests and very little internal support to build the team.

With everything going on, I decided to start looking for a new job in January. From January to March I looked at a few good options. I came close to seriously pursuing jobs but I did not want to let go of ethology. Despite the chaos I wanted things to improve and work out.

In March I saw some positions online with the Apollo Group. The Apollo Group was intriguing because I have eLearning experience, the role would be internal [be the client, instead of the vendor], they are growing, its a brand name [University of Phoenix] and the benefits would be much better. I applied for a few positions and did not hear anything.

Then at the end of March I decided to stick it out with ethology. At the beginning of April I went to Portland for a company meeting. The few days I was in Portland went OK. I noticed Account Managers taking on more project management responsibility. I was good with this since I was stretched so thin, working from 8am-8pm was common. At least once a week I worked till 12am and I worked weekends.

Then at the end of day Wednesday, April 25th I got called in for a meeting. I thought it was a meeting to discuss my 6 month bonus. Instead I got my last paycheck and my 6 month bonus. It was actually a huge relief to get let go. I had been struggling with the decision to leave and it was nice they made the decision for me. Also, I was tired of building arts & crafts websites and I missed technical challenging projects.

The next day, I started packing to move into our new house. It was good to have downtime while we were moving into our new house. I made my resume public and started getting phone calls about jobs. I got a phone call from US Airway 24 hours after being let go. Since I managed a LMS project for Hyundai, US Airways thought I would be a good fit. For two weeks I got settled into our house and had a bunch of interviews.

Then on Tuesday, May 8 I got a phone call from Apollo Group about a job I applied for back in March. I interviewed for the job on Wed with the hiring manager. I was really impressed with him and we had a great conversation. Then on Thurs the Apollo Group setup a face to face with me on Tuesday, May 15. At the same time, I was interviewing with US Airways and had a meeting with the VP on Friday, May 11. It was a little tricky because I was trying to stall US Airways to give Apollo Group enough time. Both companies knew I had other interviews. At the end of day Friday I had an offer from US Airways. Then went to my interview at the Apollo Group on Tuesday the 15th. Apollo Group is the job I really wanted and I made it clear. I also told them I had another offer that I needed to respond to that day. I worked with US Airways to get an extension on the offer for 24 hours. The next day, I had my offer from Apollo Group. I accepted the offer from the Apollo Group and turned down the offer from US Airways.

I have never had two offers at the same time before. Additionally I have never seen two companies move so fast to make me an offer. I’m really fortunate to be in demand. I will be working as a Sr Project Manager at Apollo Group. I will be working on the kind of projects I love; data warehousing, BI and infrastructure projects. The great thing about Apollo Group is my boss is really good and I can be there for many years.

Becky made a good point about this whole experience; she said maybe the ethology job was only needed to get us to Arizona. I think she is right about this. It was a wild ride and its been nice to have the month off for vacation. Tomorrow I’m going to work at the Apollo Group and I can’t wait for the journey ahead.



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  1. Lindsay says:

    Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like you will enjoy it and everything happened for a reason.

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