Halloween 2010

I’ve seen a lot of Sheriff Woody’s for Halloween this year, but I have to say, Kevin is the cutest one.  😉  On the Friday before Halloween we went to visit John at his office.  They had trick or treating around all the cubicles.  This is a special treat because normally  no one is allowed into the office.  Something about intellectual property and not wanting things leaking out before games are released.  Kevin waffled between taking multiple pieces and being afraid to take any.

After the trick or treating they played “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and had snacks and crafts for the kids.  It was more fun this year.  Last year Kevin wasn’t really interested in the movie or the popcorn.  He’s grown a lot.

I had to add this picture so you could see his awesome vest and adorable boots.  Grandma (John’s mom) has a lot of fun working on Kevin’s costumes.  She made him this vest (but I have to take credit for cutting out the spots and adding all the blanket stitching and that cool ring on the back.)  The boots are thanks to my sister-in-law Kari, they live on a real farm and I knew I could count on them to find me some authentic cowboy boots.  Kevin loved stomping around in the boots and when he wore them to church he got lots of comments like, “you can’t find those in LA!”

This is our one Halloween craft.  We brought home a little pumpkin and a foam sticky face to decorate it with from John’s office.  Kevin and I had a fun time making Frankenstein and it was easy and not messy!

On Saturday we went to the ward Trunk or Treat party.  The party was perfect.  They had booths all around the gym and Kevin really enjoyed all the games because he got to drop balls in holes and put rings around things.  His favorite was the plinko board, it was so cool!  Here he is bypassing the ring toss and going straight for the suckers, smart boy!

I finally figured out how to get a picture of Kevin with his hat on – all I had to to was hold it there with my hand and since I’m stronger than him he couldn’t push it off.  See, what I mean, he makes an adorable Sheriff Woody!  That cute pumpkin bag is what John used to take when he went trick or treating.  His mom made it for him.

And finally, here’s Kevin checking out the goods.  Unfortunately for him, he did not get to eat very much of the candy.  I’m taking advantage of this time when he doesn’t realize that I’ve stolen it all from him.  :)  Next year I might not get as much of it!

On Halloween we didn’t do much more celebrating.  We went to church in the morning and that evening I made John watch a kid’s Halloween movie from 1979, “The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t”.  It’s pretty funny, but hard to find.  If you can find it you should watch it at least once.

There you go, Grandma, pictures of Kevin’s costume like I promised!  Enjoy!  We can’t wait to see you SOON!

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5 Responses to Halloween 2010

  1. grandma A. says:

    These pictures are just adorable! He was a real cute Woody. I really like the picture of you and him at the party. Love you.

  2. Kira says:

    Very Cute! And I love his haircut- first time I’ve seen it.

    Sorry I keep missing you when I’m (sort of) in your neck of the woods. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up one of these days.

  3. maria says:

    super cute woody. i love how john has all of his old childhood stuff to pass on. that is awesome! (ben’s is destroyed after 8 younger siblings :)

  4. Danielle says:

    So cute! LOVE his Woody costume!

  5. mariann says:

    That pumpkin is so cute! It looks like it is brand new! How fun! I saw a lot of boys in buzz light year outfits this year here so your little cowboy would totally fit in here in St. George! :}
    I thought we were going to go visit more in LA…we only went that once and I thought you lived in San Diego!! I should have asked Holly! That would have been so fun to see you!

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