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Kevin is 8 months old now. So hard to believe. He is really good at sitting up and will sit and play for an hour. But he is learning that if he falls over onto his belly he can move around and explore more things in the room. He is also good at standing at the end of the coffee table. I did get him to practice pulling himself up once but he won’t do it again. When he’s on his tummy he gets around by scooting himself backwards and rotating. He has been practicing getting up on his hands and knees a lot lately and I know soon he will be crawling all around.

He has been sick a couple times in the last few weeks. His nose runs quite a bit. My mom said my nose used to run green all the time. I think that must have been around the time I had tubes in my ears and tonsils out and terrible ear infections. Like any baby, he hates it when I try to clean up his nose.  His hair is still long and shaggy and people think he’s a girl sometimes.  Come on people, if I had a girl with this hair, don’t you think I’d put it in a ponytail!?

Kevin is still a very mellow baby. He will get frustrated at times, but it usually means he is hungry and once we feed him he is content. He loves to play with the toys he got for Christmas. He loves to pull the rings off his rock ‘n stack and bang the blocks and truck around and his toy fish in the goldfish bowl. He really likes magazines and will sit for quite a while pulling the pages and trying to eat them. He also loves to watch tv with us. He likes to talk on Skype but all he does is stare at the screen. He will usually give you a smile or two.

He was eating everything I gave him until we tried to make him baby food from real vegetables. He does like the yam, but he will not eat the sweet potato or the squash unless it is mixed with applesauce. Still no sign of teeth, except the drooling and chewing on everything.

He has started to get a little clingy, I’m not sure if it’s because he’s been sick or if it’s the “stranger anxiety” that I’ve been reading is supposed to be developing at this age. Although, he doesn’t seem to have any problem being left with other people. At least that’s what they tell me. He figured out a couple weeks ago that he can lift up his arms to let me know he wants me to pick him up.

He talks a lot and has a really high-pitched squeal. He is not one of those babies that is always smiling, but when he gets in the mood he is a lot of fun laughing and smiling and playing. He likes to be tickled and hung upside down. We can usually calm him down my singing “This Old Man”. He still gets swaddled when he goes to sleep. He loves to see John when he gets home from work.  He has been waking up earlier in the morning lately. I’m not sure why but he still gets tired after 2 hours and stays on his routine.

We love Kevin so much and are so lucky to have him as our little boy!  Here are some videos for the grandmas to enjoy…

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  1. andrea says:

    It’s nice to hear how Kevin is doing. He is so cute, and I don’t think he looks like a little girl, even with the long hair. I think he looks like a handsome little boy. :)

  2. Jen says:

    What a cutie! I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up!! Before long, he’ll be running around and you’ll be chasing him. :)

  3. Grandma says:

    Really cute videos! It’s so fun to see how he is growing. Come back to Idaho and see us! Love, Grandma

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