My mom smells

I love the smell of my hair right after I blow dry it. It reminds me of my mom. I have fond memories of watching her blow dry her hair. Then of course she would point the blow dryer in my face and I would run away laughing hysterically. Maybe the smell of her hair sticks in my mind so much because she always made us give her head scratches. I hated it then but now I think that sounds pretty relaxing!

I love you mom. Have a good Thanksgiving, we’ll be thinking of you.

Since I don’t have a picture of you on my phone and that’s where I’m writing this, here is a picture of your favorite baby grandson sporting the robe you sent him. Enjoy!

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One Response to My mom smells

  1. Grandma says:

    What a nice post Becky! And Kevin looks really cute. We will miss you guys too for Thanksgiving. We are heading to Logan after Josh and Kari get here. They are stopping at Zach and Holly’s and we are taking baked potatoes and dessert for dinner. Holly is cooking a roast and making a salad. Brian and Lindsay are going to Logan too. Jeff, Megan, McKenzie and girls are en route to Las Vegas. Marcy called and her mission call came today so we are going to open it tonight. Maybe we can get on a conference call! Love, Mom

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