The Best Labor Day Weekend Ever – Monday

Monday was a fun day for my family.  We got up in the morning and went to the Los Angeles Zoo.  Uncle Gary and Aunt Diane met us there.  I always like it when my parents come into town because then I get to see them.  Maybe I should just drive out on my own sometime for a visit!  Anyway, I now have a membership to the zoo and I have 4 “free” tickets in my hot little hands.  Does anyone want to come to the zoo with me?  I have to go again or John is really going to give me a hard time about it.

We wanted to watch the bird show but they were housing animals in the theater who had been displaced by the fires.  So, we got to watch a much smaller version, this girl brought out an owl and told us about it.  It was interesting, this is a Hawaiian owl and she hitched a ride on a freighter and once she got to the mainland Hawaii didn’t want her back because she could be carrying disease.


We saw some giraffes.  It wasn’t as cool as when I saw them in Africa, but it was the next best thing.  Giraffes are really beautiful animals.


We found a nice shady place to rest next to the chimpanzee exhibit.  I don’t remember why, but we waited there for a while.  I guess we were waiting for the group to get back together and decide what to do next.


So, what did we decided to do next…lunch of course!


Then we were trying to find my mom, (she always seems to wander off somewhere!).  Me, John, Lindsay, Kevin and Eva found a nice air conditioned education room to hang out in while we waited.


Eva’s a little cutie pie.  She loved visiting baby Kevin.  She kept wanting to hold him and then as soon as he was on her lap so got a distressed look on her face and said, “heavy!”


After the zoo we headed over to the California Science Center.  I almost joined that too, but John convinced me it wasn’t necessary.  John really liked showing this stealth jet to Kevin.


We explored the science exhibits and I tried out the high-wire bicycle ride.  All my sisters tried it, but all the boys were afraid!


We watched a 3D Imax movie and then had dinner at Chipotle.  It was a great day with only one exploded diaper!

We all got up early on Tuesday morning and my family headed for home.  Eva gave him a few kisses good-bye.


Kevin was not happy on Tuesday.  I think he was upset that everyone left!  Am I a bad mom for just recording him when he’s crying?  He’s just so cute, and he doesn’t cry like this very often!

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5 Responses to The Best Labor Day Weekend Ever – Monday

  1. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for letting us come visit. We had so much fun! I knew Kevin would miss us when we left!! Hope John had a great birthday and didn’t work all night!

  2. Holly says:

    Ok…I’m really bummed we couldn’t come. Maybe someday I won’t be pregnant anymore and we can come for a visit!

    Good job on the run! I miss running so bad! Very jealous!

    Oh! Did you hear Zach passed AUD–81! Wahoo! Only one left!

  3. mom says:

    It’s sure fun to look at all the pictures of our fun weekend in California! Thanks for showing us such a great time. I think Kevin was sad that all his company left! He is so cute and we were happy we could be there for his special day. (And if you want another blanket, I will make you one!) Love, Mom

  4. maria says:

    oh wow, that does look like an awesome weekend. i love those matching ties you found! did you make them? you look so good for just having a baby. way to go!

  5. Mar Jean & Paul says:

    Love your family. What great times you are having and you deserve every one of them. Keep up the great work. love Aunt MJ & Uncle Paul

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