A bit of religion.

I was reading a talk this morning and was impressed by it’s words. Below is a quote –

One evening, I put on a record, turned down the lights, and listened to Beethoven’s Concerto for the Violin. As I sat there in the semidarkness, I marveled that such a thing could come of the mind of a man, a man who, in most respects, was as I am. I do not know how tall he was or how broad he was or how much hair he had, but I guess he looked very much like the rest of us. He became hungry, he felt pain, he had most of the problems we have and maybe some we do not have. But out of the genius of that inspired mind came the creation of a masterpiece which has entertained the world through all of these many years.
I marvel at the miracle of the human mind and body.

Have you ever contemplated the wonders of yourself, the eyes with which you see, the ears with which you hear, the voice with which you speak? No camera ever built can compare with the human eye. No method of communication ever devised can compare with the voice and the ear. No pump ever built will run as long or as efficiently as the human heart. No computer or other creation of science can equal the human brain. What a remarkable thing you are. You can think by day and dream by night. You can speak and hear and smell. Look at your finger. The most skillful attempt to reproduce it mechanically has resulted in only a crude approximation. The next time you use your finger, watch it, look at it, and sense the wonder of it.

You are a child of God, His crowning creation. After He had formed the earth, separated the darkness from the light, divided the waters, created the plant and animal kingdoms—after all this He created man and then woman.

Click link for full text –
Gordon B. Hinckley, “The Body Is Sacred,” New Era, Nov 2006, 2–5

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  1. Becky says:

    That is a great quote, John. I have a new appreciation and understanding of how our Heavenly Father wants us to treat our bodies now that I am a mother. I was holding Kevin and I smelled cigarette smoke and I told him he shouldn’t smoke because I made him this perfect little body and he shouldn’t mess it up. on a very small scale I think that is how our Heavenly Father feels and why he wants us to take care of our bodies.

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