mom and dad came to town

***This is a really old draft I had and I was going to add pictures but I didn’t ever get around to it.  So, enjoy the update from 2 years ago!

My mom and dad decided to get away from the farm for a few days.  They tried escaping the cold, but it has been cold and rainy here so that didn’t quite work.  Well, I never posted about when they came last January, so I’ll write that one off and just say I’m so glad they were able to come visit again this year.  We enjoyed having the company, and hope they had a good time.

They stayed with my Uncle Gary during the week since John and I were both at work.  On Wednesday I took a test in the morning so I drove out to Gary’s in the afternoon for a visit.  We went out for dinner and came back to play a fun card game…Wizard, in which I totally kicked butt.

My parents came out to our apartment on Friday and we had dinner that night.  My mom brought us all sorts of fun things…baby clothes of course, and a cool train stocking holder.  Now I need to make a stocking to hang on it before Christmas!

We went out on Saturday to run some errands and on Saturday night we went to Medieval Times (did you know it’s buy one get one free through February?).  It was the first time for my mom and for John.  I think they enjoyed it.  I know I enjoyed the food more this time than last time, although I’m pretty sure it was the same food so I’m not sure why.  Our knight was the red and yellow knight and we were impressed that he was clean cut, but he didn’t do very well in the jousting competition.  And I was reminded that this place is really just a big bar that encourages everyone to get drunk and then cheer really loud for their knight.  But we had a fun time anyway!

On Sunday we took my mom and dad to church with us.  It was fun to introduce them to some of our friends and have my mom come to nursery.  The kids were really well behaved while we sang and I didn’t want to stop singing with them.

It may not have been the most exciting trip to CA for my parents, but I enjoyed being able to do whatever and not feel pressured to study or get anything else done.  On Monday they came with me to my doctor’s appointment and Dr. Ramirez was nice enough to do a quick ultrasound to show them the baby and listen to his heartbeat.

Mom and dad spent the rest of the week collecting ball point pens and entering drawings at the big farm show in Tulare.  They should be home by now…maybe I should call them tomorrow to check!

Thanks for coming, mom and dad.  Come again soon!

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