See, I Told You So.

I never liked McCain. Also, its no secret I would never vote for him. One of the main reasons why I would never vote for him is, I believe he lacks core direction. A great example of this lack of core direction is his move this week to “suspend” his campaign.

This was a foolish and knee-jerk reaction to some poor economic news. He completely over reacted. No presidential candidate has ever “suspended” his or her campaign. Is this what McCain is going to do if he is president and things get a little tough? Suspend his presidency. Does John McCain enjoy being a Senator more than he wants to be President? I thought Sara Palin was his VP and could step in to carry on the campaign or presidency at any moment. Did McCain get scared of the debates? Did he leave something at his house in Washington D.C. and have to go back home for it?

Seriously, what was he thinking? I know what I was thinking; See, I Told You So. This is why McCain is bad, you put him in the White House and you never know what he going to do that day. Maybe he is driven by his craving for ice cream? If he wants vanilla ice cream, he votes “Yes.” If he wants chocolate ice cream that day, he votes “No.” What gives??

So, the bottom line is; McCain is out. He basically handed the Presidency of the United States to Barack Obama on a silver platter. McCain will get ripped for the next 2 months over suspending his campaign.

On the bright side, at least we know who is going to win the election in November and Sara Palin might run for national office in 2012.

P.S. Go find a tax shelter, Obama is coming for all your Money and he is giving it away.

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  1. andrea says:

    From my limited understanding, the way I see it is that McCain feels it is most pressing at the moment to put aside the motivational talks and campaign fund raising and such, and instead focus on the economic crisis. I admit i’m not the most educated when it comes to economics or politics, but from my understanding i think it was an okay move to suggest working out this difficulty. It doesn’t mean McCain isn’t running for president, i just think it means he’s shifting his focus from debates and speeches to actually doing something about the problem-whether he can or cannot do something about the economy I don’t know. But thats the message I got from it all.

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