You’re on my heart just like a tatoo?

I liked Jordin Sparks when American Idol was on but have you heard her song?  Who writes these?  I think she is talented but she needs new writers.  That song is ridiculous!

P.S. I took another test yesterday.  I hope I passed so I don’t have to do it again.

P.S. x2 Thanks for all the comments on the memories post.  It was fun to read them and relive my youth!  Special thanks to my sweet husband for his comment. :)

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6 Responses to You’re on my heart just like a tatoo?

  1. Andrea H. says:

    Mark is always saying, “Ah, that American Idol doesn’t really do anything. Only a few of them have made it because of it.” And, it’s kind of true. There have been some pretty exciting people come off of that show–but there are some, even winners (such as Jordin), who don’t do IT. They just don’t make it. They just don’t have it. It’s kind of sad…….

  2. Jacie says:

    I totally forgot to call you or comment – but Monday I said a little prayer for you! I was thinking about you. I hope your test went well!

  3. Becky says:

    Thanks Jacie. I really appreciate it. I felt comfortable when I walked out, although there were a few questions I know I got wrong and some I probably got wrong but thought I knew. Anyway, I won’t find out my score until September so until then it’s on to the next test!

  4. mariann says:

    I bet you passed your test! Your so smart. That is so wrong that they make you wait till Sept.! Bummer!
    I am one of the small amount of people that like Jordin SParks! I like her songs….I no I am one of those gum chewing teeny boppers, but I like it!Go Jordin! :)

  5. Paul Sheets says:

    Hey guys! So, I totally loved reading your blog. You guys do a great job letting your personalities show through your writing. You guys are great couple! See ya!

  6. camille says:

    Hey Becky! Thanks for those kind words about Payton. She just loves you and nursery so much. She asks to go as soon as we walk into church. Jared always has to take her early! You are so appreciated with all you do and I want you to know that she has learned so much from you. Sometimes she joins in on songs and I’m like, “How do you know that?!” Duuu, cause of you! Thank you for being so great!!!

    xo, Camille
    ps. I love that you check us out!

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