Angry Woman, Big Trucks & Nachos

So, the Democrats are having some internal issues figuring out what to do with Florida & Michigan delegates. A major decision was made this weekend regarding the handling of the delegates. The Hillary supporters are not happy with this decision because it makes Obama the Democratic Nominee.

The most interesting thing is; the Democratic party claims to be the party of equality, unity, and acceptance of all kind. Well, from my observation, this is a complete falsehood. The current Democratic party thrives and uses division, racism, sexism, and inequality to give its self relevance. The race between a white woman and a black man; has shown the world how divisive the Democratic party really is. Its a sad world we live in, but its a good thing the hypocrisy is finally being brought to light.

Case in point –

So we live in the land of $4.15 gallon gasoline & 5.19 gallon diesel. I saw the coolest thing ever the other night at a shopping center by our house. Its called a International CXT and it runs on diesel. The CXT gets 8-10 miles per gallon, and has a 70 gallon tank!


All Nachos are not created equal. We have had a hard time finding some good Nachos in CA. In UT we always went to Beto’s Mexican Food. They had the best Nachos ever and they are open 24/7. Its important to get Nachos at midnight and it was a great reason to get Becky to stay late at my place! The other day I went to some mexcian place to get Nachos. I thought it was good until I took a bite. It was supper nasty; so bad I threw it out! The meat tasted like cooked, mashed, SPAM. Cost = $6.00


Last night Becky and I went to Sharky’s Woodfire Mexican Grill. We tried there Nachos and it was really good. A little on the pricey side but two people can split the order. I think we will go back in the near future. Cost = $9.00


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