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For some crazy reason, in the last year or two, the price people are willing to pay for jeans has gone through the roof. I have been buying my jeans from Old Navy for the last 7 years. The Old Navy jeans are cheap and they fit good.

In the last couple of years, I have had jobs where I can wear jeans to work. When I worked at Datamark I wore jeans every day. I never really liked it because I did not feel very professional. At my new job with Pacific Technology Solutions, I can wear jeans almost every day but I choose not to. I made it a personal rule to limit how many times during the week I wear jeans. The only problem with my jeans was they were looking kinda ratty. I needed to get a new pair.

I went out and tried on several different brands and styles over the last couple of months. Then I remembered my teenage desire to get a pair of Diesel Jeans. Since I was in High School I have wanted a pair of Diesel Jeans. I always thought they were way cooler than regular jeans. The Diesel brand to me meant edgy and rugged. I never got a pair of Diesel Jeans in High School or College. Over the years I would visit department stores and stare at the jeans. I always thought to myself “when I make lots of money I will get a pair.”

With my new job and a need for jeans, I found it was the perfect opportunity to get a pair of Diesel Jeans. I searched around the internet and local stores trying to find the best deal. I then found a Diesel outlet store in Ventura, CA. Last weekend, on the way to San Luis Obispo we dropped by the store and I finally got a pair of Diesel Jeans. I think they are the best jeans I have ever had and I don’t believe I will buy any other brand of jeans. Of course, I am biased. :-)


Below is a pair of jeans I considered getting but I think it would look a little weird.


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2 Responses to Diesel Jeans

  1. Andrea W. says:

    Weird nothing! They are AWESOME! ahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    John, you’re funny!!

    Becky, when are you guys coming to visit? There are going to be lots of new people for you to meet (I mean babies). Eva can’t wait to meet you. She is trying to learn how to crawl so she can play in her tunnel. :)

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