I don’t like sports!


I guess most of you know this, but I don’t like sports. At this point I half watch one sporting event per year, the Superbowl. One item I do pay close attention to is the auto industry. I like working in the auto industry and watching the industry evolve. One of the biggest players in the auto industry is Bob Lutz. He is currently working at GM and has made some major changes. Bob Lutz has resurrected Cadillac and the rest of the GM lineup. He also likes to make headlines, recently he said Global warming is a “total crock of ****.” I too think Global warming is bogus.

Which brings me to the coolest thing ever, its called the Chevrolet Malibu. Bob Lutz helped deliver the Malibu to market and now its Hot!

How Hot you ask, check this out – The Malibu is the first time a domestic mid-size has held the number 1 sales spot for three consecutive months – ever.

October 67,921
December 236,011


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