Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas this year.  We had a good time, although we have no decorations and no tree.  We do have some Christmas cards up so thanks to everyone who sent one to us.

Every year at Christmastime my mom makes TV mix for us.  She promised to bring me some when she comes to visit in January, but I couldn’t wait that long.  So last week I went to the store and this is what I got:


Here is my work in progress – we also had to buy that pan and it is very big, although it doesn’t look that big in the picture.


We ate all the TV mix within a week, it was so good.  Mom’s is better though, so I hope she can still bring me some more.

By the Saturday before Christmas I had figured out what all my Christmas gifts were, that’s pretty good if you know that John bought my presents on Saturday.  If you ever want something to be kept a secret, do not tell John.  On Saturday night we went out and ended up at the mall.  We went downstairs in Sears where we’d gone many times before to look at fridges and dryers.  When we moved into our new apartment we had to buy a fridge and we couldn’t use our electric dryer anymore so for a while I was hanging up all the laundry.  Every time I did laundry I would claim that we needed a dryer and John would always say in a couple months we could get one.  I didn’t understand this because we had to buy one eventually, so why not get one now?  I had no idea what he was planning.  So that Saturday night we went down to Sears and looked at the dryers again.  John asked me if I had to choose which dryer would I buy.  Of course I said the cheaper one.  Then John started to point out all the features of the nicer dryer.  I got a little curious when he knew so much about it.  Then he said, “maybe Santa will bring you one” and he had the goofiest grin on his face and I knew that was my Christmas present.  I was very excited and the dryer was delivered on Monday.  It’s pretty cool with a stainless steel drum and a timer and sensors.  My favorite thing is that the lint trap is right inside the front door, not on the top so it doesn’t make a mess when you pull it out.  That’s why I like GE dryers.

We didn’t plan anything exciting for Christmas eve and we ended up at home bored.  That’s when we realized how much we missed having our family nearby.  Every Christmas eve of my childhood I would spend at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  We would act out the nativity and talk about our favorite Christmas memories.  For sure next year we are going to Idaho so we can spend the holiday with family.  I heard they had a pretty big crowd at my cousin Kimberly’s house this year.

As for Christmas day, we got up and went to Disneyland.  We expected it to be really crowded but I didn’t think it was that much worse than any other busy day.  We went on a few rides and explored the new pirate island.  We watched the parade and came home around 5:30.  After all, we got passes so we can back anytime.  We also saw Santa and Mrs. Claus there.  They were full of energy even after working so hard for Christmas the night before.


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3 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Mom says:

    Nice Christmas present!! Way to go John- looks like it was a big hit! Your TV mix looks good. Since you have the pan, maybe I will make it out there instead of dragging it on the plane. What do you think? I really envy you the nice warm weather out there. It’s cold here and snowy.
    I am up still working on my talk- good luck on yours and I hope you are feeling better. Love you, Mom
    P.S. Cute pic with the Claus family!

  2. I’m so glad I have your website to check out now! Congrats on the new dryer – I know what you mean about having to hang clothes to dry. When we moved into our apartment in SL for school, it was a gas hookup and we had an electric dryer. We survived 2 years of hanging clothes to dry. All I have to say is that dryers are one modern convenience I’d rather not do without. :)

  3. John & Becky says:

    Kristin, thanks for visiting my blog. I can’t believe you hung your clothes for 2 years. I’m too much of a complainer to do that!

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