Becky likes country, you’re not surprised, are you?

John and I do not have the same taste in music, so I get to take my turn and share what I like. I spent way too much time watching Country Music TV and YouTube today, but I picked 2 good videos from the top 20 videos this week.

Since I heard it the first time, I thought the Brad Paisley song “Online” was hilarious. I have seen the online dating scene and this song is so true to what it is like. But since I saw the video today it is even funnier.

I would have to say that Reba is my favorite performer. I was so excited when this video (Because of You) came on the countdown because I have enjoyed listening to the song and I’ve been wondering how she would tell the story in the video. Did I mention that I love listening to Reba sing? I could listen all day. I remember when I was younger I’d sit and listen with Lindsay and we knew all the words. This song is coming out on Reba’s duets CD this month and as soon as I have money I’m going to buy it. :)

So, there’s a sample of what I like to listen to. I also really like Alan Jackson and lots of other country singers, as well as older music and songs from musicals. In fact, I like a lot of music and I didn’t think there was much I didn’t like until I started listening to John’s music collection. But don’t get me wrong…he does have some great stuff. We just have to compromise when we’re listening to music together.

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  1. Seryozha says:

    I wish i was kewler online :(

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