All Your Mysteries Solved!

The mystery of the white Michael Jackson has finally been solved.

It appears the real Michael Jackson is still alive and has come back to planet Earth to reclaim his musical career.

 See below ->

Next week we solve the mystery of Big Foot.

 In other news Micro$oft is gonna release some fixes for Vista

(which I currently am running; it’s got bugs but I have no real complaints)

Seems they found a few issues and bug in the current version. Clicky.

Live Long and Prosper, Don’t Fall Off the Wagon, Drop Dead,

Don’t Get Fat, Don’t Get Poor, Don’t Quit Your Day Job,

Don’t Run in the Freeway, Don’t Work on Tishri 5768 12 Tishri;

Peace Out, JLB

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2 Responses to All Your Mysteries Solved!

  1. Seryozha says:

    damn it damn it damn it

  2. Cindy says:

    Somebody has way too much time on their hands… although it would explain ALOT!!!! Hope you are doing well in Cali!

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